Monday, September 24, 2007

SF Films for Parents & Kids to Share

from SciFiScanner:

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius


Star Wars

The Iron Giant

Treasure Planet


I've never cared for E.T., but I liked Star Wars and The Iron Giant. That makes 3 of the 7 I've seen, and my kids only saw the 2 of those that I liked. Most of the ones on the above list weren't around when we were picking out movies to watch with the kids, and we made very different choices about the SF movies we thought were worth sharing.....

In addition to Star Wars and The Iron Giant (and not counting monster movies or fantasy) our suggested 7 would be

2001: A Space Odyssey

The Day the Earth Stood Still

The War of the Worlds

The Time Machine (the early one)

The Planet of the Apes (Charlton Heston's version)

Others we liked for the kids were The Last Starfighter and the 2nd Star Trek movie -The Wrath of Khan.


  1. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Good films, D&S. I'm not sure my kid would be interested in 2001 or The Day the Earth Stood Still, but good picks! The Last Starfighter -- Wish I had thought of that one.

    I was amazed at the lack of Rated G titles I could come up with.

  2. G rated films are a challenge. Even PG ratings can be hard to find. It's a bit easier when they get old enough to see things like Independence Day and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome and Fifth Element...