Friday, September 07, 2007


Tonight's movie was Brazil, the Criterion edition.

This film is the middle one in Terry Gilliam's thematic trilogy, the first being Time Bandits and the third being The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. I had already seen these other two and like them better. There's some hope in the other two, but Brazil is a dystopian nightmare, reminding me of Metropolis without the happy ending. I've read books that gave me this same helpless feeling....

Brazil is visually stunning. It is #5 on's 2002 list of top 20 scifi movies. The Criterion Contraption blog has an extensive review here. We watched the Love-Conquers-All version here.


The making of Brazil in 3 parts: (has been removed as I check on 12/1/2009)
It's Franz Kafka meets Walter Mitty
and that quote from the making-of series might be the best description I've seen.

3/4/2009: Flimsquish has a review.

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