Monday, February 12, 2007

The Devil in Music

Another in my foray into mystery novels, The Devil in Music, by Kate Ross, is a historical mystery featuring early 19th-century dandy Julian Kestrel. This is the 4th in the series but the 1st I've read. It seemed long for this type of book, but the setting is beautifully described and the characters and their interactions are clearly developed. The entire book was interesting -a good read. The author died of cancer in 1998; there's a tribute site here.

There's a Methodist appearance on page 322:

De la Marque sauntered into Julian's and MacGregor's room as if he were making the rounds of the fashionable boxes at La Scala. "Good evening, mon vieux-my dear Doctor. How delightful of you to invite me for a comfortable coze, as you English say." He lifted his black brows and looked about. "I don't see any cards-not even a bottle of wine. If anyone comes in, we shall be taken for Methodists."

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