Tuesday, February 27, 2007


This movie is considered a classic in the film noir genre. D.O.A. tells the tragic story of an average guy who unwittingly finds himself in trouble with the wrong people. The tension builds as he tries to find out who is behind his trouble before it's too late. But, of course, it's already too late for him. The film is downloadable and can be watched online at Internet Archive. I have the dvd in combination with Borderline; it's also available on dvd by itself.

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FilmNoir.net has a review. Excerpt:
With a pot-boiler plot and a terrific hard-edged portrayal from O’Brien, this is not only a gritty on-the-streets in-your-face melodrama, but a nuanced film noir where a random innocent act is a decent man’s un-doing.

Noir of the Week has a review. Excerpt:
Uniquely and perversely entertaining, 'D.O.A.' holds a special place in the dark hearts of noirheads. As deliriously eccentric a genre entry as one is likely to find, it has aged remarkably well, and holds up some six decades later. Existential melodrama for the drive-in set, the film's bracing comedic-chaotic style often belies it's ghastly message, but never at the expense of it's key genre elements

FilmFanatic has a review.

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