Monday, February 19, 2007


I bought Akira (a 1988 Japanese anime film) used a few years ago before I realized I needed to check ratings on anime. This one is rated R, so I put it back until I had a chance to watch it without The Younger Son and am only now getting to it. Akira is a highly praised film, often appearing in must-see, best-of, top-10 and other lists of movies. It's an important film in anime history. The beginning of the film is here:

You can watch a trailer here and here:

The version I saw was dubbed in English. It's not my favorite of the anime I've seen, but I'm beginning to think that anime is just not going to be a genre I seek out over the long run.

The New York Times calls it "a phenomenal work of animation with all the hallmarks of an instant cult classic." Moria says it's a "a stunning vision" "of epic, even cosmic, scope". SciFiCatholic has posted a review and rating.

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