Monday, May 07, 2012

The Big Blue Kids

The Daughter was off one day last week and volunteered to do another fun thing with me from the I Love Memphis blog list of 365 things to do in Memphis. We played with the big kids. The V & E Greenline is a rails-to-trails project in midtown Memphis along part of the old L&N railroad line.

We looked the park up online first and I thought we'd go to the section described as the start of the trail. There was, however, no place to park anywhere around the Springdale Street entrance, so we drove around in search of another access point. We ended up parking on Stonewall. We walked down and played with the big blue kids first, and then we walked the rest of the trail.

There were some other people enjoying this beautiful day -some on foot, some walking dogs and some on bikes. The community garden pictured above was pretty. I had heard about this park but had never been; it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The site says it's 1.7 miles long, which means I walked about 4 miles. It's an easy walk with a broad, flat, well-maintained path, but I was a bit tired that night.

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  1. Anonymous9:39 AM

    You Big Kids have all the fun!
    -- A Pal