Tuesday, May 01, 2012

A Long Ride From Hell

A Long Ride From Hell is a 1968 spaghetti western and Steve Reeves' last film, his early retirement coming as a result of on-going problems from an earlier shoulder injury. He lived until 2000. I had no idea Reeves made a western film until a few days ago. I'm not sure how I missed it -I enjoy spaghetti westerns and have liked Steve Reeves since I watched his Hercules movies when I was in elementary school. I find this film a bit slow, and I think the music and sound effects are annoying. These guns are amazing! They never seem to need re-loading.

youtube has it online:

favorite quote: "Not even a fish could get out of this river alive."

DVD Talk calls it "a fun and strangely likeable film that is able to transcend a good number of its budgetary limitations" and says, "Fast-paced and entertaining, A Long Ride From Hell serves as a decent enough cinematic swan song for Reeves." 10K Bullets says, "From an action stand point this film also holds up very well" but adds, "When all is said and done, A Long Ride From Hell is a middle of the road Spaghetti Western that would have remained in obscurity if it were not for the presence of Steve Reeves in the title role this film." Spaghetti-Western.net describes it as "an above average genre effort".

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