Tuesday, June 24, 2008

R.I.P. Tasha Tudor

I am just seeing the news of Tasha Tudor's recent death. She died on June 18. I have fond memories of reading her books to my children. One of my favorites is A is for Annabelle. The Daughter and I enjoyed going through the alphabet with "Annabelle, Grandmother's doll." This picture of Annabelle is from Tasha Tudor and Family. We have lots of books written and illustrated by her. We eventually got rid of a lot of children's books through the years, but hers were ones we always kept.

Her death saddens me, but I'm grateful for her life.

The Tasha Tudor Museum has a website. They are raising money and hope to open the museum by 2010.

I saw the news in The Independent, which begins:
Tasha Tudor was the illustrator of nearly 100 children's books. The rural settings of the past were a constant inspiration in her artistic work and eventually led to her living the life of a 19th-century farmer herself. When not writing or painting, she spun and wove flax into cloth, sewed her own long dresses, milked her Nubian goats and worked barefoot in her teeming vegetable and flower gardens. In time this well-publicised lifestyle turned her into something of an icon of alternative living.

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  1. I never knew her books. I was most fascinated with her life and the way she lived as if it were the 19th century.

  2. I only knew about her books. I learned more about her when I read reports after I heard of her death. It sounds like she had a fascinating life!