Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cancer Survivors Park Labyrinth

Our church had a prayer retreat today at the Cancer Survivors Park. There was a short introduction to the origin of the labyrinth and its use in Christian devotional practice before we walked the labyrinth. Then we gathered again for a time of sharing of our experience. It seemed to be a meaningful time for everyone.

One of our members is a horticulturist and was involved in the creation of the park and its mural. It was interesting to have him there today to share some behind-the-scenes aspects of the park. There is some discussion of the plants and sculptures here. There is a photo tour here.

There are online labyrinths here and here. You can "walk" the labyrinth with your finger here and here or buy a wooden "finger labyrinth" here. There is a Labyrinth Society.

Mother and I walked this labyrinth about a week ago, and the experience was a bit freer with her, as there were just the two of us with no worry about getting in each other's way. We also talked a bit during our walk while the members of the church group maintained a silence throughout. I imagine the walk is different each time depending on the circumstances.

In the Spring there were tulips. Now there are native wildflowers:

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