Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Fair Use Victory for "Expelled"

Yoko Ono has lost her bid to limit fair use of Lennon's song in Expelled:
US District Judge Sidney Stein found in favour of the film-makers based on a "fair use" doctrine.
In a statement Ono said: "It is a pity that this decision weakens the rights of all copyright owners."

but it doesn't weaken the rights of copyright holders, it merely upholds the increasingly limited Fair Use doctrine. Copyright law includes provision for "fair use" of copyrighted material. The copyright holder doesn't get to decide if Expelled can make use of the material if it fits under "fair use". That's what the "fair" part is. We have rights, for pity's sake. I'm glad the rights of Ben Stein, et. al. were upheld. This is yet another example of the copyright holder not being the best judge of what constitutes fair use of their material.

More on the Expelled movie here.

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