Thursday, May 15, 2008

Schultze Gets the Blues

The Elder Son rented Schultze Gets the Blues from Blockbuster, and we watched it tonight. The Daughter didn't care for it and left not long after it started, but The Sons and I enjoyed it. Roger Ebert seems to like it. The New York Times review opens with this:
"Schultze Gets the Blues" rediscovers the world through the astonished eyes of a retired German salt miner on a musical pilgrimage to the United States. As the title character (Horst Krause) ambles around the Texas Gulf Coast and Louisiana bayou country, the screen drinks in the sultry, humid atmosphere. Puttering on the local waterways in a battered blue motorboat, using his few words of broken English to communicate, Schultze enjoys a late-life liberation that the movie pushes to the brink of sentimentality.

Beer-bellied and taciturn, he is not the kind of tourist who takes aim at a strange location with a guidebook, camera and language tapes in hand. He is more like a benign visitor from another galaxy who has simply dropped out of the sky.

trailer, but the trailer doesn't do it justice:

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