Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cowboy Bebop 1

Borders had a great 40% off sale on DVDs, and I bought the first DVD in the Cowboy Bebop series. We watched it this evening. It includes the first 5 episodes:
1 Asteroid Blues
2 Stray Dog Strut
3 Honky Tonk Women
4 Gateway Shuffle
5 Ballad of Fallen Angels

They are about 20 minutes each, which I guess makes them 30 minutes long when commercials are added on tv. I liked these. They reminded me thematically of Firefly and visually of Johnny Quest (with Helsing thrown in). The Younger Son doesn't see the Firefly connection and hasn't seen Johnny Quest or Helsing, so I'm alone in seeing the likeness, but I can't help what came to mind.

Now, if only the regular price per disc weren't $30!

Cowboy Bebop is an extremely character oriented series that revolves around two bounty hunters, Spike and Jet. Spike is a lanky gunslinger with a dangerous past and some killer martial arts moves. He tends to be rather presumptuous and aggressive, which often lands him in some pretty dangerous situations. Luckily for him, Jet is there to watch his back. Laid-back but tough, Jet is a rough-sounding ex-cop with a bionic arm. He seems to be almost a perennial father-figure to Spike, and is often the more rational of the two. During their adventures in space, they come across a few more companions.
The beauty of this series is the way in which it explores its characters. Each character has a fully-developed past which is slowly revealed as the series progresses.
There is no other way to describe the production values of Cowboy Bebop: they're just outstanding.

almost guaranteed to be loved by fans of stylish action and sci-fi, as well those into not-too-serious space adventure and way-too-serious space adventure.

opening video sequence:

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