Friday, May 30, 2008

Joan of Arc

Today is the anniversary of the death in 1431 of Saint Jeanne d'Arc, martyr. There is a short biography at the Catholic Encyclopedia. There are links here to biographies online, texts of the trial documents and more. My post from last year includes several links, including a link to a film on her trial which is available both online and as a Criterion DVD. There is a wikipedia article listing depictions of her in literature, theater, operas, oratorios, vocal works, paintings, sculpture, films, music, television, video games, computer games, comics and animation. Joan of Arc has been a popular figure through the years.

Here's Joan the Woman, a 1917 Cecil B. DeMille silent, in 2 parts:

The picture at the top of the post is Entreé de Jeanne d'Arc à Orléans, painted in 1887 by Jean-Jacques Scherrer.

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