Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Edwards Endorses Obama

Everybody's been wondering, and now we know:

Former Democratic White House candidate John Edwards will formally endorse party front-runner Barack Obama on Wednesday, an Obama campaign source told AFP.

Former presidential candidate John Edwards will endorse Barack Obama's Democratic White House bid on Wednesday, a campaign spokeswoman said, giving a big boost to the Illinois senator in his effort to rally the party around his candidacy.

Edwards is scheduled to endorse Obama at a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, this evening. The move is a blow to New York Senator Hillary Clinton, who, along with Obama, had sought an endorsement from Edwards.

Wednesday's endorsement could help Obama reach out to white blue-collar voters, a demographic that Obama has failed to capture, most notably in the recent Pennsylvania and West Virginia primaries.

Edwards had campaigned on the message that he was standing up for the little guy, the people who are not traditionally given a voice in Washington, and that he would do more to fight special interests.

The Nation:
Edwards may have dropped out of the presidential race in the dead of winter. But he will be in the fight by high summer. And come next January, if there is an Obama administration, John Edwards will be in the thick of it.
Edwards' support might at least tone down the level of speculation about Obama's strength or weakness with the white working-class voters who were Edwards' base in this race.

and Reuters reports the Steelworkers Union follows suit. They had endorsed Edwards and are now following Edwards' endorsement.


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