Thursday, June 28, 2007

What's Your Global Literacy?

WorldHum has a link to a depressing quiz. Not just a quiz that makes me feel like I should be better informed, no.... but a quiz that's truly depressing. I got so depressed during the process of getting wrong answers that I didn't finish. Worldhum says:
I’d wager most Americans who’ve traveled out of the country will score much higher on the quiz than those who haven’t.

I'd wager it'd be more dependent on socio-economic level than having traveled out of the country. Or maybe the scope of the travel is what matters for the purpose of this quiz. I made a wonderful trip to Europe (one of those 7-countries-in-21-days whirlwind-type tours) when I was in college, and although it gave me a better appreciation of art and music and foreign culture I don't think it helped me know details of percentages of foreign trade and population growth figures.

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