Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer Solstice

Today is the summer solstice, and it is our family tradition to eat donuts for supper while we watch the sun set on this longest day of the year. In years past the kids would take paper and colored pencils and draw their impressions, but they no longer do this. In fact, all the kids aren't still available to participate -I think The Daughter has to work this year. We continue the tradition with those who can come. It's an activity I look forward to and treasure the memory of. We haven't always gone downtown to watch the sun set over the Mighty Mississippi, but we have chosen that spot several times in the past and will probably go there tonight.

Photo from Flickr

update: This was one of the loveliest sunsets I recall -clouds enough to make for beautiful color and pattern without obscuring the sun, a pleasant breeze and cooler temperature than we've had some years, no mosquitoes.... Nice. Very nice.

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