Friday, June 08, 2007

House on Haunted Hill

#1 Son selected this one, thinking neither #2 Son nor I had seen it. I had seen it but long years ago on TV when I was young, and I had forgotten a lot of it. This is a fun flick with a priceless set-up. Vincent Price provides the solid ability to make the whole thing work. The review at says,
On a timeline spanning the entire history of the horror movie genre, there are certain notches delineating important steps for the genre. Dracula, Frankenstein, and The Exorcist among others will be noted. For the year of 1959, that notch belongs to The House on Haunted Hill. No other movie from this time period has been so remarkable, stylish, terrifying, and such an inspiration for new writers and directors of the genre. Flawlessly executed, this film is the quintessential reason why we love classic horror. Take it for a spin this season. Is the house on Haunted Hill really haunted? Is it not? Decide for yourself.

Star Trek connection: Elisha Cook, Jr., who plays the owner of the "House on Haunted Hill," also played Kirk's defense lawyer in "Court Martial".

12/19/2007: B-Movie Catechism has chosen this film for their monthly film club.

8/6/2009: The Vault of Horror has a review.

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