Sunday, June 03, 2007

Howl's Moving Castle

I've been doing a bit of exploring in the anime genre, and Howl's Moving Castle is my latest buy. The Younger Son and I both enjoyed it.


Moria says,
It is probably not Miyazaki’s best film – it is on the less great side but is still a more amazing film than almost any other animation director’s best.

Roger Ebert does not recommend it:
While the movie contains delights and inventions without pause and has undeniable charm, while it is always wonderful to watch, while it has the Miyazaki visual wonderment, it's a disappointment, compared to his recent work.

Rolling Stone calls it "bliss".

6/12/2009: The Husband and The Daughter had not seen this one, so The Younger Son and I (for whom this is a favorite) watched it with them tonight.

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