Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Greenville Cypress Preserve

While in Greenville, MS, I made sure to go to the Cypress Preserve, a 16 acre area just off the highway just south of the riverboat-shaped welcome center. It was established in 1940 and maintained by the Greenville Garden Club, the oldest garden club in the state. In 2002 management was turned over to the Greenville Cypress Preserve Trust. They are doing a good job if I'm any judge. (Well, I'm not really any judge, but the place looked great to me.)

There is a brochure and a trail guide reproduced online here, which includes a map and information to aid in appreciating the landscape.

There are 3 trails: 1) a 1/4 mile meadow trail; 2) a 1/3 mile woodland trail; and 3) a 1/2 mile cypress trail. There are helpful interpretive signs all along the paths.

Here are some of the photos I took of the cypresses:

Here's a closer look at the cypress tree leaves:

And some new plants that have sprouted in the fallen cypress logs:

They've placed a home for wood ducks:

Do you see the cypress knees?

The cypress trees were my favorite part of the preserve, but the woodland and meadow trails also had a lot to offer:

ScenicUSA says it's "Popular among photographers, birders, and joggers". Trip Advisor gives it 4 out of 5 stars with 5 reviews. This family travel site has great photos, calls it "One of the most unique urban parks we’ve ever visited" and says it was "worth the detour". There's a slideshow embedded below, but do yourself a favor and mute the music:

I would gladly go back here given the opportunity. What a gem!


  1. OMG those cypress trees! I have never seen anything like that, I see why you like those the best. And blackberries! What a great park, and in a city, too. I am quite envious. The slide show was interesting, showing the park at other times of year (and generously including the shadow of the photographer lol I do that too all the time). Thanks for sharing, I really enjoy these posts so much.

    1. We do have cypress trees here in Memphis, but not like this. Ours are just random places people have planted them in yards. We once lived in a house with a few cypress trees in the back yard, but you have to be careful not to put them next to your foundation or any driveway, because the knees will come up through _anything_! I'm glad you like the tourist-y posts. I love having them to go back to. An online photo album of sorts.