Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Cedar Falls Trail

The Cedar Falls Trail begins behind Mather Lodge at Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas. The red signs seem to warn of danger and dire consequences for taking on this challenge

If you ever decide to do this trail, rest assured that it's not nearly as bad as you might fairly expect from the sign. The way back up the stone steps returning to the lodge is steep, but I was barely winded at the top and I'm hardly the picture of robust strength. I didn't take water. It's only a 2-mile trail, for pity's sake. I would worry that the sign was scaring off people, but I saw people wearing slides and carrying babies in backpacks so I think people are ignoring the sign.

This is the beginning of the trail:

It flattens out after the initial steep part but continues rocky through most of the trail:

It's not all rocks, though:

The trail divides about 1/2 mile in:

And there are more rocks and steps:

but also more dirt paths that make for easier going:

It's worth it when you get to the falls:

The Younger Son took a video:

I heard one child in particular who had never seen a waterfall, and he was very excited. I've seen waterfalls before, but this one was not a disappointment. Beautiful!

Then you have to go back a mile along that same trail to get back to the lodge.

It's interesting how you can go back along the same route but see it anew from the other direction.

It was well worth the hike, and I'm glad I didn't let the warning sign scare me off. This trail alone was worth the trip to the park.


  1. It looks like a spectacular walk. Glad you took it and happy you shared the pictures. The park certainly has a lot to offer.


    1. Some people come every year. It's a great place if you like trails, and I love trails :)

  2. Ah, this looks like an exceptionally fun trail. Pretty impressive photos and a great video. I can't imagine not wearing proper shoes, no heels, no flip flops, but something that has slip proof soles. I'm always amazed at what people (especially women) wear when fashion overcomes common sense and safety.

    So glad you included us on this hike. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and didn't have to leave my seat (grin).

    1. That's another reason I want a smartphone: I'll be able to take little videos for myself :)

      I saw more men wearing slides/clogs and more women in flip flops. I wore New Balance walking shoes, because my feet aren't what they used to be. The trail isn't hard, but some of the footing is not easy. I imagine the rocks are slippery when wet.

      I'm glad you enjoyed it. This trail was the highlight of the trip! :)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the waterfall, too. :)

    1. Thx! I was very impressed by the waterfall. :)

  4. What a beautiful trail! I understand why people would come back year after year.

    I once saw a rather stout Spanish lady go up to the top of Teide in vanity-sized flip-flops. She passed, easily it seemed, a group of Germans in mountain gear who were all rather winded! :-D

    1. Perfect! I think the clothing police should mind their own business ;)