Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Cigarettes and Coffee

Cigarettes and Coffee:

such a sweet love song sung by Otis Redding, who died in a plane crash at age 26. His untimely death on December 10, 1967, along with most of the members of Bar-Kay, was hard on Memphis recording studio Stax Records. Now you can tour a museum on the site that is a replica of the original building.

It's early in the morning
About a quarter till three
I'm sitting' here talkin' with my baby
Over cigarettes and coffee, now

And to tell you that
Darling, I've been so satisfied
Honey, since I met you
Baby, since I met you, oh

All the places that I've been around
And all the good looking girls I've met
They just don't seem to fit in
Knowing this particularly sad, yeah

But it seemed so natural, darling
That you and I are here
Just talking over cigarettes
And drinking coffee, oh

And whole my heart cries out
Love at last I've found you
And honey, won't you let me
Just be my whole life around you

And while I complete, I complete my whole life would be, yeah
If you would take things under consideration
And walk down this hour with me
I would love it, yeah

People I say it's so early in the morning
Ooh, it's a quarter till three
We're sittin' here talkin'
Over cigarettes and drinkin' coffee, now, Lord

And I'll like to show you, well
I've known nothing but good old joy
Since I met you, darling
Honey, since I've met you, baby yeah

I would love to have another drink of coffee now
And please, darling, help me smoke this one more cigarette now
I don't want no cream and sugar
'Cause I've got you, now darling

But just let me enjoy
Help me to enjoy
This good time that we'll have, baby
It's so early, so early in the morning

So early, so early in the morning
And I've got you and you've got me
And we'll have each other
And we don't, we don't want nothing but joy

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  1. Ah, I never heard that song, but I remember hearing Otis Redding on our Oldies radio station. I had no idea he died so young. This is sad. I will check out the link to the museum, because you know I'm a nut for museums.

    Thanks for sharing this video and Otis with us for T this Tuesday. Pass the coffee, but I'll pass on the cigarettes (grin).

  2. Always liked Otis Redding, thanks for the song. Are you familiar with Black Coffee by Sarah Vaughn? I think that is the correct name of the tune. My all time favorite coffee song. You'll have to find a clip of it for one of your great music posts.


    1. Thx for the suggestion! I found it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRyN9wQ1taY , and I love it! :)

  3. So sad that he died so young! Beautiful music!
    Happy T-Day!

  4. great music! did not know about his untimely death, but seems like we lost quite a few creative geniuses all too soon. in plane crashes. wishing you joy on T day!

  5. What a soulful way to begin my day ... thank you for sharing!
    He made such an impact with his music that I did not realize he died so young.
    Happy T Day to ya...

  6. Some of the greats died so early in life, make you wonder just what our music would be like today, had they lived.
    Thanks for sharing Otis with us this week.......now I've a hundred "oldies" popping into my head......LOL
    Happy T-day

  7. Was a senior in high school when he died. Such a shame. I had never heard this song. How sweet and loving, yet sad. Happy T-Day! :)

  8. I remember feeling so sad when he died.

  9. Never heard the song and never heard of him but that may be because i was born in '67'? Thanks
    so much for sharing and Happy T day!!! Hugs! deb

  10. Hello and Happy T Day a little late. What a cute song, never heard of it or him before. I was born in 69, will have to ask my mom about this one. Thanks for sharing and have a good week.