Friday, December 19, 2014

A Dixon Christmas

Isn't the main entrance to The Dixon gallery festive?

Coming up towards the entrance are several signs of holiday cheer.

The interior is also beautifully decorated, but I didn't even ask if photos were permitted; I always assume they aren't. I did find two photos at the Dixon website, though. This one of the living room:

and this one of the dining room:

They've done such a wonderful job of bringing the season to the space!

I also saw the Rodin exhibit -Rodin: The Human Experience- while I was there. The Dixon site says,
Auguste Rodin (1840–1917) was arguably the most celebrated sculptor of the nineteenth century, and was regarded as the greatest sculptor since Michelangelo. The remarkable works of Rodin will make their triumphant return to the Dixon Gallery and Gardens with Rodin: The Human Experience, an exhibition of fifty-one works in bronze.

Rodin: The Human Experience examines the artist’s multi-faceted explorations of the human figure in bronze, ranging from small scale sketches to the artist’s well-known monumental works. Alongside commissioned works of specific individuals will be Rodin’s sculptural experiments with the human figure, ranging in style from the classically-inspired to the gothic. Visitors to the exhibition will be greeted in Garrott Court by the monumental sculpture, The Three Shades, Rodin’s interpretation of the souls of the damned who stand at the entrance to hell in Dante’s Inferno.
I remember the last Rodin exhibit the Dixon hosted back in 1988 -The Passion of Rodin-, and his sculptures make a striking display. The staff has gotten less cranky over the years, which makes visits much more enjoyable now than they used to be. The Dixon is a great way to spend a few hours, whether you like art, or flowers and gardens, or both. I feel so fortunate that Memphis has this.


  1. It is fun to visit such places when they are decorated for the holidays. Looks so festive.


    1. Yes, and since this used to be an actual home -and not that long ago- It feels like a home still. A cozy museum :)

  2. So festive. Happy holidays!

  3. This reminds me of a home I stayed in when I was an exchange student in Iowa. It had that restrained taste of the monied classes. Not a blinking Santa in sight! ;-) Lovely, but around places and people like that I tend to put my foot in my mouth constantly. Makes a really charming museum, definitely a place I would visit. Do they have a tearoom?

    1. No tea room, although the last couple of summers they've had what they call food truck fridays. On those days they offer free admission to the garden, have little tables set up under sun shades, and have a rotating number of food trucks available. I've never done this, but I plan to try it next year. Here's an article on it from a local magazine:

    2. That looks lovely!