Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Muddy's Bake Shop

The Daughter and I went to Muddy's Bake Shop earlier this Summer. She had been there, but I never had. We wanted a place we could sit outside while we had a cuppa coffee and thought we'd try here.

Most uncomfortable chairs evah! To lean back you have to really lean back, so there's effectively no back support at all. The seating inside (yes, of course I went back) is comfortable.

The coffee was fine and the cake was perfection. I had the strawberry cake, which was just the right amount of strawberry-tasty:

The Daughter had the Grasshopper cake you can see in the background of that picture, and she ate every crumb. She saved her sprinkly cookies for later.

The people-watching was unparalleled! We overheard 2 middle-aged-plus men discussing the crime of pruning azaleas into hedges and the fine points of bonsai after they finished talking about a friend of theirs in Mississippi and his trailer. We overheard 3 men who were waiting outside discussing the merits of various by-the-slice pizza options while their compatriots (another man and 2 women) were buying treats inside. When the 3 inside joined the 3 waiting outside, they began talking about exactly how much you have to buy in a place before it counts as "supporting local business". We heard one man saying to another, "I was following Jim, but he wasn't coming here." [That's my favorite over-heard comment so far.] We overheard 4 women talking about the value of just buying the icing separately because then you don't have to worry about eating too much cake.

You can actually buy the icing separately. In tiny little single serving-sized tubs. You can check out their offerings here.

People-watching is a lost art which should be revived. So let's go out there and watch the folks. And let's ourselves provide some little quirk that's worth watching. Me? I wear hats. That's noticeable these days without calling undue attention to myself.

The New York Times has recently brought some attention to them by naming them one of the best places to have pie in Memphis. Memphis Mama has a positive review and photos of the interior. Urban Spoon has a score of 90%. Yelp gives it 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.

Join Bleubeard and Elizabeth's weekly T party at their blog. They are excellent hosts, and you will get a warm welcome there.


  1. Strawberry cake and people watching. Does it get any better? Well, ok, maybe better chairs.


    1. The seating inside is plenty comfy, so now I'll stick with that :)

  2. How did I miss this? I can't believe I didn't make it here for T. I feel BAD, like a bad host, or someone who has snubbed one of her children. Please forgive me.

    I did enjoy your lovely take on Muddy's. Your daughter's cake looks yummy. Sorry, I'm not a fan of strawberry anything unless the strawberry still has its little "hat" on.

    I LOVE to people watch, but when I go out with Sally, it's all I can do to get through half my meal before she's ready to go. No resting, relaxing, no stopping to enjoy the day. One nice thing about buffets is, she has to wait while I finish eating, because I'm ALWAYS the slowest eater at the table. If it's a meal we order, I have to ask for a to-go box and take more than half my meal home with me. At least when I go out with a few of my other friends, they know me well enough to realize how slowly I eat. Conversation, people watching, slow eating, they all add to the digestive process.

    I truly enjoyed your post this week, and really, really, really wish I had seen it sooner.

    1. Oooo, I love the fresh strawberries best!

      You didn't miss me! I was out of town when sign-up time happened and am just now getting back :)

  3. Separate icing - that´s a novel idea; the cakes looks big and tasty, I must say. And people watching is a great idea, which I hardly ever take time to do. I think if you have enough spare time to just sit and watch for a while, you have a good balance in life. Most people these days, even the pensioners, are sooo busy all the time.

    1. I prefer the cake part to the icing, but the little icing servings are very popular. It's easy to stay busy. I stay busy doing things like going to parks and eating cake ;)