Sunday, July 20, 2014

July Flowers at the Dixon Gardens

On my most recent visit to the Dixon Gardens, we had just a few days before had thunderstorms and straight-line winds that had taken down power for a number of Memphians, and yet the gardens looked great. How do they do it?

I spent about an hour walking over the grounds. There are a lot of flowers, including Surprise Lilies scattered through the woodland garden:

There are benches placed throughout the property but I didn't sit today. Here are three of these inviting rest spots:

See the man painting in the next photo?

They have a few water features, and these had water lilies in bloom:

People enjoy the flowers while they stroll in the garden, of course, but the flowers can also be enjoyed inside the museum in the form of flower arrangements on display there. I didn't go inside, so I don't know whether or not there were flowers in there on this day, but here are some more of the flowers I saw in the garden:

What a delightful place to spend some time!


  1. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Beautiful pictures!
    --A Pal

  2. That is just lovely! Places like these are vitamins for the soul.

  3. Sorry I've not been around. I've had computer issues, but wanted to catch up. I actually LIKE that graffiti inspired wall in the previous post. I think Krisha might like it, too.

    My surprise lilies haven't bloomed yet, and that surprises me (pun not intended) because it looks like the area they bloomed in is also shaded, like much of my front yard. I truly DID enjoy the gardens, though. We have a botanical garden here in Wichita, but it's nothing as beautiful as yours.

  4. Beautiful gardens and you made very nice photos. I particularly like the water lilies on the pond.

    1. Thx! This used to be a private home. I remember when the Dixons died and the property was opened to the public. Amazing really.