Monday, June 02, 2014

Memphis in June

Memphis in June:

sung by Nina Simone.

Memphis in June
A shady veranda under Sunday blue sky
Memphis in June
And my cousin Miranda -she's making a blueberry pie.

I can see the clock outside a tickin' and a tockin'
Everything so peaceful and dandy.
I can see my grandmama 'cross the street still a rockin'
Watchin' all the neighbors go by, oh my.

Memphis in June
Sweet oleander blowin' perfume in the air everywhere.
Up jumps the moon to make it so much grander.
It's paradise, honey. Take my advice, honey,
Cos there's nothin' like old Memphis in June.


  1. LIke N. Simone and don't think I'd heard this song so thanks for that. My favorite of hers (that I know) is My Baby Just Cares For Me.


    1. i like her voice. it was fun to see the memphis connection.