Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Captain Apache

Captain Apache (1971) (also called Deathwork and The Guns of April Morning) doesn't even have a Wikipedia entry, which ought to tell you something. (Oh, wait, there's a Norwegian Wikipedia entry!) I'm watching it because it stars Lee Van Cleef, who is one of my favorites. In this one, though, he wears a horrible wig and sings. He sings twice! He also strips down to almost nothing in this movie, which I can't remember seeing him do before. Stuart Whitman is also in it. The movie is styled as a spaghetti western, but is actually a Spanish/British production.

synopsis from the youtube page:
Captain Apache (Lee Van Cleef), a Native American serving in the Union army, is sent to investigate the mysterious murder of an Indian agent. The dead man's dying words are "April morning," but anyone who divulges the secret is quickly shot.
via youtube (edited to bleep out instances of folks saying red "ass" -how petty!):

I'm planning to watch every movie VanCleef was ever in. That's my excuse. What's yours? says,
Captain Apache is a movie with an ultra-bad reputation, but I've always thought it was kind of enjoyable when watched in the right state of mind. The mystery is played out well enough to keep you guessing what the hell is going on and the far-fetched (and fairly ridiculous) solution perfectly fits the slaphappy storytelling.
10K Bullets says, "Lee Van Cleef makes everything he appears in better and in Captain Apache not only do we get to hear him sing the films theme song. We get to see Van Cleef in full Indian dress wearing a hair piece."

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