Sunday, March 23, 2014

Kakuryu wins his first sumo tournament!

Kakuryu has won!

Here's the bout that did it for him, from Jason's All-Sumo Youtube channel:

Mainichi opens with this: "OSAKA (Kyodo) -- Kakuryu defeated rival ozeki Kotoshogiku to capture his first career championship on the final day of the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament Sunday, defying the odds to all but secure his promotion to sumo's highest rank of yokozuna." Asia & Japan Watch says, "One of the keys to Kakuryu’s recent success has been his face-off--calm and focused. Against Kotoshogiku, Kakuryu put that new attack on display, absorbing his opponent’s onslaught and keeping his cool". from The Japan News: "Chances are high Kakuryu will be promoted to yokozuna ... If Kakuryu, 28, receives the promotion, he will be the third active Mongolian-born yokozuna and fourth overall."

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