Monday, March 03, 2014

Conversion by blog comment?

To the guy who keeps commenting on my posts to tell me I am doomed and headed for Hell:

You know your comments go straight to my spam filter, right? 

I only see them when I check the spam filter to see if a real comment has been trapped there by mistake. 

This is not a way to win converts to your particular brand of Christianity. 

Just sayin'.


  1. GOOD FOR YOU, dear. I can't understand radicals in any group, especially religious or political.

    1. it's sad, really. he has his own blog, and his comments here never address the subject of the post itself. they are truly spam. i'd publish them if they were at all relevant to the subject.

  2. Huh. I've never checked my spam filter. Maybe I'll do that. There are some strange folks out there that's for sure.


    1. every once in a while a comment gets mistakenly sent to the spam folder and needs rescuing.

      i'm sure this guy means well, but i'm confused about why he thinks this will accomplish anything