Friday, March 14, 2014

Bunker Palace Hotel

Bunker Palace Hotel is a 1989 French post-apocalyptic film directed by Enki Bilal, better known for his 2004 film Immortal. In movies, that is. Apparently he's really known as a graphic artist, but I'm not familiar with that field. This movie is not what you'd call "action-packed" but is definitely worth watching.


Moria concludes, "What you could accuse Bunker Palace Hotel of being is a film with a fascinating background in which nothing interesting happens." Quiet Earth says "it makes for a wholly original viewing experience." says it is "never less than intriguing" and "Certainly worth tracking". Films de France opens with this: "This is a stunningly imaginative film with a strong vein or two of distinctly black comedy, offering a disturbingly credible vision of a future world." Rotten Tomatoes has no critic reviews, and the audience score is 50%.

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