Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Django, Prepare a Coffin

Django, Prepare a Coffin is another in a long line of films connected only by the inclusion of the name "Django" in the title. Not an official sequel, this one is from 1968 and stars Terrence Hill as Django. The plot involves the title character being betrayed by a friend. The resulting death of Django's wife sets Django on the road to a vengeance which brings to life the saying that "revenge is a dish best served cold." I enjoy spaghetti westerns, and this is a good one.

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This review at praises Hill in the lead and says,
The film itself is probably the closest to a genuine Django sequel or prequel that was ever made but, in truth, has sufficient continuity holes in relation to the original to ensure it can never really be taken completely as such. It does have a Django ‘feel’ to it though and has the machine gun and coffin scene to cement its claim. Like the original it also boasts two villains and the twin talents of George Eastman and Horst Frank are a happy bonus indeed. Eastman exuding malice as the swaggering outlaw boss while Frank maintains the usual level of malevolent arrogance that made him such an icon of European westerns.
Another review at says, "A lot of stalwart spaghetti western actors have cameos, turning the movie into a real plethora of familiar faces. The score ... is a special one." 10kBullets says it is "not only one of the finest and most faithful takes on the “Django” mythos ever released, but one of the most enjoyable Spaghetti Westerns to mix the crazy and the cool into one fantastically successful package."

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