Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Nevadan

The Nevadan is a 1950 Randolph Scott Western. Gordon Douglas directs.

cue Blazing Saddles:

The Nevadan also stars Dorothy Malone and Forrest Tucker. I prefer my Westerns without romance, but that element doesn't drag down the action in this movie. I always like Forrest Tucker. In the saloon the pianist plays Sweet Betsy From Pike in the background, which is always fun to hear.

via youtube:

TCM has an article that says,
Far from being just another by-the-numbers Western, The Nevadan brings enough twists and variations to a familiar genre that it received a favorable review from the New York Times. In a way such success shouldn't have been entirely unexpected since in addition to acting Randolph Scott also co-produced with Harry Joe Brown. This was one of fourteen films they did together, all intelligent and above-average Westerns starring Scott.
Rotten Tomatoes doesn't have a critics score, but the audience rating is 83%.


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