Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Deserter

The Deserter is a 1971 Spaghetti Western directed by Burt Kennedy. Appearing in this are John Huston, Richard Crenna, Chuck Connors, Ricardo Montalban (Star Trek connection), Slim Pickens and Woody Strode. Great cast. The plot is a revenge story about a soldier who quits to hunt down the Indians who killed his wife. The fort had made no attempt to protect the nearby settlement where she lived. I like this one.

via youtube: calls it "entertaining throughout." TCM has an overview.


  1. Slim Pickens--I've always loved his name. Haven't heard of this one.

    1. i was surprised i hadn't heard of this, considering the cast. i think there may be more westerns hiding out there than any other genre film.