Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I had been eyeing this cup at my local bookstore for a while and finally quit resisting the urge to bring it home. It's perfect for summertime.

The tea is Tazo brand Om tea. It's described as a blend of green and black teas, "a meditative organic blend, with flavors of peach & cucumber". I admit it sounded dreadful to me, and it took me a while to try it. I did try it, though, and loved it! And then they discontinued it.

I have a few bags left, and I am trying to delay the day I use the last one.


  1. I apologize that I was so late in getting here. I wish I could say I was in a meditative state like I'm sure that tea put you in, but I confess I had several appointments today and was out the door about the time my Tuesday Tea post went live.

    Yep, that is definitely sunshine and summer. It snowed here last night, so I'm glad to be reminded of warmer, dryer times. And I confess that any art with birds in it always makes me smile.

    As for the tea, that's too bad Tazo discontinued this tea. Happy Tea Day, anyway.

  2. i was out all day yesterday so didn't see your response 'til this morning lol. i don't think there's any such thing as a late blog post comment :) . i love bird art, too.

    i hope you get warmer, dryer weather soon. we had thunder storms all night, and it's still raining this morning. we're expecting highs in the 60s F today.