Monday, April 29, 2013

Dinossauros: Planet of Dinosaurs

Dinossauros: Planet of Dinosaurs is a 1978 science fiction film starring and directed by nobody I ever heard of. All the money went for special effects: big, scary dinosaurs. Wikipedia's description:
Set in an unspecified future, the film follows the journey of Captain Lee and his crew after they crash land on a planet with similar life conditions as Earth, but millions of years behind in time.
I recognized the set location from Star Trek and kept expecting Gorn to show up. The music is terrible and intrusive. The acting is wooden.

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There's an extensive plot description here.

Stomp Tokyo says,
I'm afraid it's our old pals, the script and the actors who do the most damage to Planet of Dinosaurs. While the script has an interesting arc in terms of the evolution of our group of "technicians, not explorers" into a hunter-gatherer tribe, it rarely plays fair with the characters in terms of the constant stupidities they must commit in an attempt to either generate some tension (note I said "attempt") or move the story along. Attempts (there's that word again) are made to bridge the action setpieces with quieter, human moments as the castaways try to find comfort and forge relationships with each other - the writing here, while it doesn't ideally sing, isn't awful, but sadly the acting - which ranges from the simply awful to the hardly average - merely serves to make these moments leaden and painful, and the direction is certainly not good enough to compensate.
Million Monkey Theater says, "This movie really isn't too bad. It's your standard castaways-make-a-new-life-for-themselves-in-a-strange-place." Rotten Tomatoes doesn't have a critics score, but the audience score is 37%.

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