Friday, April 19, 2013

Erotikon (Seduction)

Erotikon (Seduction) is a 1929 silent film by Czech director Gustav Machatý. The video embedded below is not the complete version, which was heavily censored, but I think this is the 1937 version. There has been a fairly recent restoration that brings it up to 190 minutes.

via youtube (with English intertitles and no music):

or at the Internet Archive.

Slant Magazine describes it as "an undeniably quaint and self-fulfillingly naughty sex romp, shows a marriage entering its seven year itch ahead of schedule." Time Out says,
what really distinguishes the film is its wealth of poetic detail (merging raindrops, charging trains), and its bold, frank eroticism, most notably in the opening sequence of the girl's sexual initiation, with its luminous whites and ecstatic throes set almost in abstraction from her world hitherto. The film was censored, of course. says, "Erotikon helped create a new genre of social comedy, and attracted considerable attention in the movie world." TCM has some information.

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