Friday, February 01, 2013

Sullivan's Travels

Sullivan's Travels is a 1941 Preston Sturges comedy starring Joel McRae and Veronica Lake. I gave this DVD to The Husband some years back, but we're just now seeing it, I think because in that same gift I included Being There and Life Aquatic. They didn't exactly make a big hit, although I loved both of those. The Husband and I both laughed over this film, so I finally picked a winner as far as he was concerned. On the other hand, The Younger Son was not amused. Ah, well, you can't win 'em all.


Empire Online opens with this:
Sullivan's Travels is still as brilliant and funny today as it was back in the early '40s, when Sturges was the toast of Tinseltown, praised as its premier satirist and crafter of social comedies.
The book 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die calls it "the most remarkable film in the career of one of America's greatest filmmakers." DVD Talk highly recommends it. DVD Verdict calls it "one of the great films of its era, and certainly among the best movies about movies there has ever been." says, "Today Sturges may be seen as a great American satirist, and Sullivan's Travels is often called "Swiftian." describes it this way:
One of his more interesting and intelligent films from a repertoire of about twelve films in his entire career, Sturges' Sullivan's Travels satirizes Hollywood pretension and excesses with his particular brand of sophisticated verbal wit and dialogue, satire and fast-paced slapstick.
It's on the Arts & Faith list of top 100 films. Rotten Tomatoes gives it a score of 100%.


  1. I have never seen a film with Veronica Lake, but her style is unforgetable. The Swedish poet Maria Wine totally stole it, and had that look until the day she died. She was more famous for her locks than her poetry. I guess the same can be said for Lake, at least outside the US.

    1. this is probably the first of her films i've seen. mother has talked about what a stir her hairstyle caused during ww2.

      i checked out the maria wines wikipedia entry (depending on google to translate). it's heartening to read about someone who ended up happy and successful after such a sad and scary childhood.