Thursday, January 06, 2011

Steal Across the Sky


I remember reading Beggars in Spain by Nancy Kress years ago, and, although I liked it, I was not inspired to go right out and buy more of her work. I do already have a huge tbr pile, after all. Lately, though, I'd been interested in picking up a few new books, so I bought her Steal Across the Sky. I enjoyed this, as I did Beggars, while I was reading it, but neither is sticking with me. She's not going to become my favorite author, but I'll read more by her when I come across them.

The first chapter of Steal Across the Sky can be read online at the author's site. She is an active blogger.

from the back of the book:
Cam, Lucca, Soledad... three ordinary people chosen by an alien power for reasons no one understands to undertake a journey no one on Earth could have imagined.

An alien base has appeared on the moon. The aliens call themselves the Atoners and claim that they have wronged humanity. They sidestep governments and directly recruit a group of young humans to be their Witnesses - not geniuses, not astronauts, not politicians, not the wealthy or the famous. just people curious enough to apply for the job.

What they will find on seven distant worlds will change them. The knowledge they will bring back to Earth will change everyone.

Strange Horizons gives it a mixed review. SF Revu calls her "An accomplished writer" and says, "Provided the reader accepts the initial premise, the action flows smoothly. Some may quibble with the plausibility of the basic premise and a few with the central theme."

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