Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I found her on the floor,

and that -in a nutshell- explains why I haven't posted anything since the first week in July. My mother spent a while in the hospital and some time in a skilled nursing facility before being sent back to her home in my care. (We'd have brought her to our house, but all the bedrooms are upstairs.) About a week later she was back in the hospital. After some time there, she was placed in a rehabilitation facility. She was in rehab for almost 3 weeks, if I've got my time frame right, and they wouldn't let me stay with her overnight. That meant that I got to spend the night in my own bed and got to sleep through the night for the first time in months. -Sleep deprivation is horrible. I cope well with most things, but sleep deprivation is not one of those things.- When she was released from rehab they arranged for a month of in-home physical therapy, which went well.

We've been told she should not be left on her own. I have a sister who spends a few hours with her most days and takes care of lunch but who will not stay at night. I don't get much time at home and haven't used any of that time to write here, but I've decided to make time to post some, at least on books I read.

We have faith that sooner or later we will find a house where I can live with my husband and my mother, but it's been slow going. I've been told the housing market will pick up again now that the holidays are over, and our real estate agent is helpful and patient. Maybe we are just being too picky. But I don't think so.


  1. This is a journey many people have gone -- knowing the road is well traveled really does not make the journey any easier.

    You have my prayers.

  2. I have been quite surprised at how many people are currently going through this. There is some comfort in knowing I'm not alone in it. "Misery loves company" may have some truth to it after all. ;) I appreciate your prayers. Thanks!

    I start each of my visits to my house with a real-estate search. I feel like substituting the word "house" for "prince" in the song: "Someday my prince will come..."

  3. I wondered what had happened to you. Sorry to hear about your mother but glad to see you posting again. My prayers have a new concern as well, God bless.

  4. Thank you for your prayers. It's good to be back.