Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Top 10 Toy Crazes

Time has a list of their top 10 toy crazes, "the most baffling toy trends of years past":
1. Silly Bandz
2. Bratz Dolls
3. Furby
4. Tamagotchi
5. Tickle Me Elmo
6. Beanie Babies
7. POGs
8. Cabbage Patch Kids
9. Rubik's Cube
10. Pet Rock

I remember these, some more fondly than others. My favorite among them is the Pet Rock. Daddy said he would never spend so much for a pet rock but said that he had found a stray and adopted it. He put it on an end table, and it made a delightful pet. Long-lived, too. That rock is still around.

I found the photo at this site.

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