Thursday, June 03, 2010

Plastic Bag

Plastic Bag is a 2009 short film directed by Ramin Bahrani and narrated by Werner Herzog. The film's web site has this synopsis:
In a not too distant future, a Plastic Bag (voice of Werner Herzog) goes on an epic journey in search of its lost Maker, wondering if there is any point to life without her. The Bag encounters strange creatures, brief love in the sky, a colony of prophetic torn bags on a fence and the unknown. To be with its own kind, the Bag goes deep under the oceans into 500 nautical miles of spinning garbage known as the North Pacific Trash Vortex. Will our Plastic Bag be able to forget its Maker there?
You can watch it online at or via Vimeo:

Letus Extreme 35mm Adapter Footage: "Plastic Bag" short film by Ramin Bahrani from Production Junction on Vimeo.

The Guardian focuses on Herzog, quoting Bahrani saying, "Herzog's voice is undeniable." Bahrani has a Facebook page, as does Herzog.

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