Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Herenton says don't use "any form of drugs"

'cause "where does it stop?" What kind of stupid question is that? The Husband is an insulin-dependent diabetic, and his drug use stops at the limit of the prescription and in cooperation with his doctor. I had an infection once that required drugs. The Mother/Grandmother is on a couple of drugs. Useful things, drugs. Sheesh.

"Where does it stop?" I know that where it stops should not be up to some lame politician who claims that only a black politician can represent a black constituent but doesn't seem to mind that the only candidates running are men.

The quote comes from the Memphis Flyer article, which closes with it:
He acknowledged there was “medical evidence that supports utilization of marijuana for various diseases,” but said, “Let me tell you that I’m conservative and oppose that. I’m afraid that if we utilize any form of drugs, where does it stop?”

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