Wednesday, December 05, 2007

René Clair

René Clair (1898-1981) was an award-winning French film maker.

Entr'acte (1924) includes music by Eric Satie:

I watched it, of course, and am thoroughly confused, though I do want to say we love that camel, especially the hearse on a roller coaster part. I expected it to make some coherent sense and it didn't make the kind of coherent sense I expected. There is information on and evaluation of the film short here, at and at House of Mirth and Movies has a review.

Paris Qui Dort (1925) is available at here:

There is information on this short science fiction film at There are no English intertitles, but it's easy enough to understand from the plot summary at Wikipedia:
The film is about a mad doctor who uses a magic ray on citizens which causes them to freeze in strange and often embarrassing positions. People who are unaffected by the ray begin to loot Paris.

You can see a 17-minute BBC documentary on Clair at It includes biographical material and interviews.

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