Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mellow Mushroom

We had tried the Mellow Mushroom a few months ago, but my calzone was burned -actually black on the bottom- and I didn't blog the experience. We went back recently to give them a 2nd chance. The menu is online here. They are a regional chain. Before I start, I'll say that the service was good. Our waitress was pleasant, fast, and just attentive enough. No complaints there.

The hostess who seated us dropped 3 of the 4 napkin-wrapped flatware sets on the floor, then picked them up and put them at our places at the table. When I said, "Since they've been on the floor, could you bring us clean ones?" she took 3 at random from the table (the 3 that had hit the floor? Perhaps...) and in just a moment brought back what I guess was fresh flatware. Who knows? Yuck. Maybe we should've left then.

We started with 6 butter and kosher salt pretzels (2 were already on plates by the time I took this shot):

I ordered the house calzone again:

It wasn't burned this time. The crust was tough and chewy, though. I was able to eat about 1/2 of it before my jaw tired out. The Husband ordered a small beef pizza and soft drink, and The Younger Son ordered a medium pepperoni and sausage and water:

They said their crust was tough and chewy like my calzone, and they gave up after finishing half of theirs, too. The Younger Son said the pepperoni was spongy and "funny tasting". He has bragging rights on being experienced with bad frozen pizza pepperoni, but he says this is the worst he's had. He liked the sausage.

It's a shame. I know "them that likes it speaks well of it," but we don't like it. There are much better pizzas and calzones around, and we won't be coming back here.

Our tab, including tax and tip was about $70, which is another good reason to eat elsewhere.

The Memphis Flyer says, "While I wouldn’t recommend choosing Mellow Mushroom if you have a limited amount of time to dine, the friendly, funky atmosphere and delicious pizzas and beer make it a worthwhile trip." Go Memphis has a positive review. Yelp gives it 3 1/2 out of 5 stars with 23 reviews. Urban Spoon has a score of 57%.


  1. From looking at the photos, I would say the best thing about that place is, it has decent handicap accessibility. I hate to say it, but your calzone looked horrible. At first, I thought it WAS burned. I'm impressed you even paid the bill. Glad you reviewed it.

    1. This one wasn't black, though. The first one I had was burned-toast black. We gave them a 2nd chance but are unwilling to make it 3.

  2. Since they chain isn't available here I'm in no danger. I did have a similar very poor experience at the local Applebees though. Another chain. Why do I go to these places??? Actually I don't usually but a friend wanted to meet there for lunch as it was about midway driving distance for both us us.

    1. I know the feeling. They were so cute and so close, though, that we really wanted them to be good. Memphis Pizza Cafe is our go-to favorite. We've never had a bad experience there: