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Zachariah is a 1971 musical Western starring Country Joe and the Fish based on the book Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. John Rubinstein stars as Zachariah and Don Johnson is his best friend. So OK, this didn't make a lot of money -in fact, it lost a lot of money- but this is a hoot! Well worth the hour and a half it takes to watch it.

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The Examiner offers this plot synopsis:
A western parable that adheres loosely to the structure of Hesse's novel, the movie tells the tale of gunslinger/marijuana farmer Zachariah (Rubenstein) and his pistol-packin' pal Matthew (Johnson). Comic highlights are provided by Country Joe and the Fish as the Crackers, a gang of clueless hippie outlaws, and musical highlights by the James Gang, the power trio led by Joe Walsh, playing some of the heaviest hard rock ever committed to celluloid. Kershaw and the New York Rock Ensemble also provide memorable musical moments.
and says, "The resulting film did not quite live up to its premise, but it has its charms." Stomp Tokyo doesn't see any charm and concludes, ""Electric Western." What the hell were they thinking?" TCM has an overview.

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