Monday, July 31, 2017

Tims Ford State Park Old Spann House Trail

This trail begins at the Visitor Center and wanders down past the campground. We never did see a snake, but other kinds of wildlife were around. Smaller creatures were visible as well as the ever-present deer.

There was a bit of running water through this trail....

In case you're thinking the park is too rustic for you, I offer this find from the side of the trail:

We crossed a paved bike trail on this walk and eventually came back to it. We crossed the red Tims Ford bridge again on this walk and ended up back at the picnic grounds instead of back at the Visitor Center.


  1. I think it looks like a great park and that you had an interesting walk. I always find it amazing what can be seen if you just stop long enough to look around or keep some keen eyes peeled. :) I would be glad not to see a snake. There was one on my mother-in-laws dock the other day, curled up and camouflaged so well I walked right by several times before I noticed its tongue tasting the air. UGH. Not a snake fan myself. Happy new week. Hugs-erika

    1. The cottonmouths, rattlesnakes, and copperheads tend to be shy. I never see them. That's all for the best ;) Sometimes I see rat snakes, and I count that as a win :)