Saturday, July 22, 2017

Blues Hall of Fame Museum

photo from Wikipedia

The Blues Hall of Fame Museum opened in downtown Memphis 2 years ago, but I had never been. A few days ago The Daughter and I went. From the website:
Our visitors will enjoy 10 individualized galleries with interactive touchscreen displays along with three master databases where they can hear the music, watch videos, and read the stories of each of our inductees. In addition, each gallery houses one-of-a-kind memorabilia..
Enter at street level and enjoy the free exhibits in the lobby before you go down to the museum proper.

We thoroughly enjoyed it and will certainly go back. I'm including photos of just a few of the musicians and some of their music.

They had Alberta Hunter's Amtrak Blues album on display, and that was always one of my favorites.

If you're not familiar with it, you can listen to one of the songs here:

Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite

on Get Up!

Bobby "Blue" Bland

singing his I Pity the Fool:

Bobby Rush

singing Porcupine Meat:

Johnny Winter

on his Tired of Tryin':

Lead Belly

singing Midnight Special (1944):

Lightenin' Hopkins

on Baby, Please Don't Go:

Mavis Staples

sings Down in Mississippi:

W. C. Handy

plays his St. Louis Blues:

It's a fascinating place! We could've stayed all day and listened to every musical track they had available, but we got hungry so walked down to Beale Street for lunch.


  1. OMGosh. Now I MUST go back to Memphis, because that wasn't around when I was there. It looks like a wonderful museum. And of course, like you, I ate on Beale Street, too. It's such a famous street, you can't afford to miss at least one or two of the famous restaurants there. I'm definitely ready to go back now that I've seen a small part of the inside of this museum. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. There've been a lot of new restaurants open on Beale Street over the last several years, and the riverfront has been getting more attention to make it more appealing and accessible. I hope you come back!

  2. I didn't know there was a Blues Hall of Fame Museum, but it looks quite interesting. One day when I ever make it to Memphis I will have to check it out. I think I would like it too. That's for giving me another reason why I should visit Memphis. Happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

    1. If you like music and music history this is the place for you! :)

  3. Porcupine Meat--Too fat to eat--too lean to throw away--ROFL! That was great!! Other people have done Midnight Special and Baby, Please Don't Go--nice to hear probably the originals. And Ed before his own show with his name on. :)

    I fell in love with Ben Harper when I first heard Whipping Boy back in 94. This made me go find Leon Redbone on youtube to hear My Walking Stick, too--LOL! I haven't been listening to music for so very long. I think I should do more of that. :)

    1. Leon Redbone is one of my favorites! I had a couple of his LPs back in the day. I need to see if he's available on Spotify. I could add some of my favorite Redbone tracks to my playlist :)