Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Punisher/The Punisher: War Zone

The younger Son and I watched The Punisher (2004) and The Punisher War Zone (2008), the original feature film and the reboot, one night, and it made a great tandem viewing. They are quite different, but both are great fun.

The 2004 film got lousy reviews, as did the reboot, but hey, I like this kind of movie, so I'm ignoring the reviews.

trailer for the original:

trailer for the re-boot:

There was a Punisher film in 1989 that starred Dolph Lundgren. It didn't get a theatrical release here in the U.S., but you can watch it via Youtube:


  1. Ah, the Dolph! Not our most proud export, but he has something... He shares the distinction with Anita Ekberg of having returned to Sweden after a few years abroad with a heavy accent, and having been thoroughly ridiculed for it. Having myself spent one year in the US without uttering (and after a few months at age 16, one´s entire mind is taken over by the new language) a single word of Swedish, I know how easily that can actually happen, so I guess I feel an special affinity for him because of that.