Saturday, March 26, 2016

Frankenstein's Army

Frankenstein's Army is a 2013 Dutch/American/Czech Republic found-footage horror film about WW2 Nazis and Russians and zombie/monsters and mad scientists. And you'd think you couldn't go wrong there. But you can. And they did. Or at least I think they did. Go wrong, that is. Terribly wrong. I read positive reviews and ask myself what movie they saw... After it was over, The Younger Son and I just stared at the screen dumbfounded, wondering what had just happened. We still don't know. It'll remain one of the mysteries of my movie-watching endeavor, because I'll never try it again. And I usually like Nazi Zombie movies.


Fangoria concludes, "I mean it in a good way when I say that you don’t stop watching FRANKENSTEIN’S ARMY once the end credits roll; you escape it." Moria has a positive review. TwitchFilm closes with this: "while the film has a literally shaky start, the finale had the audience intentionally in stitches. And I hope Raaphorst will get the chance to make a few more of these, as his imagination obviously goes beyond the scope of what was possible in this single film."

Roger Ebert's site says, "The filmmakers were bold in their choices of period and format, but not patient enough to do right by them." Rotten Tomatoes has a critics score of 67% and an audience rating of 39%.

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