Monday, February 06, 2012

@Reverend Mommy

Hi, Reverend Mommy. I've tried several times to comment on your blog, but, though I've been able to in the past, it won't let me now. Whether or not you ever see this, I just wanted to comment on this from your latest post:
Another thing I have learned is that social interaction on the web can have real world implications. Such was my conflict with this homeschool group. I could not sign their statement of faith, but I really wanted to join this group. I suggested to the group that I my statement of faith found in the UM Book of Discipline was equivalent (except for infant baptism). After much discussion, they decided “no.” This got to me. I’m all about inclusivity. The more people at the party, the more fun you can have. I love getting to know people that are different that I am – I believe they enrich my life. But I could accept that they wanted a homogenous group and I could have taken that rejection. My children could not. And then the children of the other moms got involved. They began to troll my blog and made a few horrible comments.

I'm glad my kids never got dragged into any of my disagreements with what I grew to call "the fundies". I actually enjoyed some of the arguments, but I'd not have thought they were in any way fun if my kids had suffered from that kind of abuse. I'm so sorry yours did. How awful!


  1. It bothers me when people ostracize others over non-essentials of our faith.

  2. hell, it bothers _me_ when people are ostracized over _essentials_ of our faith! i think some folks are just born mean. if not, they are very good learners.