Saturday, December 03, 2011

Run Lola Run

The Grandmother liked this one! I must admit that surprised me. She was intrigued by the plot structure and seemed to think the pace was downright tiring. She was interested in the fact that The Younger Son's film class studied it, and she wanted to know how that was handled -she guessed they watched the movie and then discussed it. She also ate a chef salad (well, half of a chef salad) with enjoyment. All in all a great day.

Run Lola Run is a 1998 German film which provides three different scenarios for how an initiating crisis could have played out. It was well received at its release and won 26 awards. I loved it.

trailer: says, "You want to see Lola keep running the same way you want to hear a great pop song again as soon as it ends." Slant Magazine says, "Run Lola Run could very well be the punchiest piece of concept art to ever hit the silver screen, a shock-dose of German existential cinema you can ride." closes with this: "The movie could be dismissed as all adrenaline-swamped pyrotechnics, but adrenaline can be its own justification: In Run Lola Run, it makes stuff happen big-time." Roger Ebert closes his review by saying, "what it does, it does cheerfully, with great energy, and very well."

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